Group Day Service-Ages 18+

Group Day Service include a community and center-based day support program for individuals with developmental disabilities. We focus on  promoting self-confidence and self-worth, while challenging our individuals with building life skills, independence, and becoming active community members.

Our program uses the community as the teaching tool to increase community awareness, community interactions, and enhancing their quality of life. While participating in the program , individuals will enjoy activities such as:


Leisure and recreation activities


Out-of-town trips such as Richmond and Williamsburg

Monthly Social Events


Group Residential-Ages 18+

Centrally located in Virginia Beach near Town Center. This allows for a large variety of trips into the community each day. The residential program group home located in a well diverse neighborhood. This home consist of no more than two people living together who have similar interests and/or support needs. Trained professionals provide 24-hour support to coach and mentor in all areas of daily living activities such as personal grooming and outward appearance; health and safety; communication and socialization; and home management skills such as meal preparation.

Individuals also receive staff supervision and transportation services so that they have regular access to the life of their community and take part in social inclusion opportunities. This may include maintaining employment, attending religious services, taking a class, volunteering, participating in civic-sponsored events and dining out.


In-Home Support Services-Ages 6+

In-Home Support Services to children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disabilities and related conditions, who remain with their families or natural caregivers, as well as for individuals living independently in their own home. Services are flexible in nature and can be short-term or on-going depending on the needs and choices of the family and/or individual.
In-home support services are designed to be creative and dynamic, responding to the changing needs and choices of the family and/or individual. While each Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is different, support services can range from drop-in support for an individual living in his /her own home, to a comprehensive support ISP that includes training and activities to promote skills, community involvement, and maximize independence.
Each person receiving Virginia Support Group, LLC in-home support services has an Individualized Service Plan that specifies the type and pattern of supports needed by the family and individual. The ISP are developed to encourage the highest possible level of independence in areas of self-help and daily living activities. The ISP is directed by the person served or the family. It is outcome oriented and designed to meet the family and the person’s needs, preferences and goals. Opportunities for physical and social integration into the community are provided, as individuals are encouraged to participate in a variety of options visiting and utilizing community services and activities. The ISP is established, implemented, and monitored using a team approach and is updated and revised at regular intervals, or as need by the family or individual.

Community Engagement-Ages 18+

Community Engagement helps individuals 18 and up integrate within the community effectively. Services are provided in groups of no more than one staff to three individuals. Community Engagement fosters the ability of the individual to acquire, retain, or improve skills necessary to build positive social behavior, interpersonal competence, greater independence, employability and personal choice necessary to access typical activities in community life such as those chosen by the general population. The individual benefits by achieving a higher level of confidence and increased social skills through developing natural relationships with their community members.


Community Coaching-Ages 18+

Community Coaching services is designed for individuals 18 and up who needs one to one (1:1) support to integrate effectively within their community by offering opportunities to interface and foster naturally supportive relationships with people who live, work, and/or volunteer in their local area. We offer structure which facilitates a gateway to the community, thus opening doors for inclusion and participation to access and participate in typical day-to-day activities they encounter on a regular basis.  The individual benefits by achieving a higher level of confidence and increased social skills through developing natural relationships with their community members.